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"How I turned our ugly backyard into an exotic Tropical Oriental retreat"

Install your own intricate bamboo fencing, privacy fencing, bamboo fences and screens, beautifully hand-crafted bamboo screens, rolls and bamboo panels. Leading Australian manufacturer and supplier reveals money-saving secrets for your bamboo decoration project!

Imagine, your own Zen retreat, your own private little oasis of calm - where you can sit comfortably at the end of a hard day, gently protected from the elements but feeling one with the refreshing Outdoors. Most people don't realize that this exotic piece of Zen paradise can be theirs without the hefty premium charged by landscapers, designers and contractors.

From "Ugh" to "Wow!"

A bamboo screen can turn an eyesore such as a tangle of wires or cables into a visual attraction.

You can cover a neighbor's ugly boundary wall, instantly transform your garage for entertaining and other purposes. Bamboo screens can turn your chain-link fence into an exotic Tropical Oriental screen. You can use cheap bamboo poles to fashion eye-catching gazebos, arbors, fences, privacy screens and more. The results are amazing!

Getting Products ready to Ship

Accent Your Beautiful Garden!

Put a bamboo border on your flowerbeds and they will catch every eye. Oriental accents are all the rage in upscale spas, restaurants and hotels. Pretty hand-crafted bamboo dividers serve as classy and functional decorations for your outdoor spaces. Use them as a backdrop for your garden decorations such as stonework, gravel or pavings. Bamboo screens can revive interest in neglected statues, pots or artwork by turning them into a focal point. Sit back and watch the compliments roll in!

Practical and Affordable

Need a small private area in your garden? There's nothing like an elegant Bamboo fence. Bamboo is great for Privacy Fencing. It blends beautifully with your garden and can be used to screen your entire garden, your patio, deck or other garden structures. Simple, clean and a visual delight! Not ready to replace your entire fence? Liven it up a few sections of bamboo fencing. It breaks the monotony and adds a touch of whimsy. Eco-friendly bamboo has a soothing rustic look. You will feel relaxed and at home.

Durable, Versatile, Cheap!

Bamboo screens and fences can be stained to complement your decor and individual style. Bamboo fencing can be made with bamboo canes of different diameter and shaped into delightful designer fences, bamboo screens and rolls that last a lifetime.

Almost anybody can apply a little imagination to turn a neglected outdoor space into an exotic Tropical retreat.

Use it Indoors

Use bamboo for space-saving walls, panels and room dividers or to transform windows, ceilings and more! Bamboo panels and reed fences are used in homes, offices, spas and hotels to decorate, to create private spaces, or simply to add an exotic touch to any area. Roll-up bamboo blinds can create a dramatic play of shadow and light in your living spaces.

The classy Oriental look will wow your visitors and make for great conversation starters!

How to Get Started

Never done a bamboo fencing project? No carpentry skills? No problem!

You will never be pressured into buying something you don't want or need. When you call, we want to know what the need is, we want to size up your requirements, guide you step-by-step about the practical aspects of design and installation. You won't have to deal with a cheesy telemarketer or a call center employee. You will talk to experts who know their stuff and really want to help. They will ask all the right questions and give honest answers. Feel free to discuss your needs, budget and plans. Our experts are on call to turn your dream Bamboo project or fencing project into a beautiful reality.

Just call 1300 788 929

Getting Products ready to Ship

Plan your Bamboo Fence Project

Reed Screen Project
There's a huge selection of fencing material, looks, styles, treatments and designs. Get the widest choice colors, styles, species and size specifications in Australia at the most competitive prices.

Click here for our online catalog with the latest bamboo fencing styles and photos.

If you need help with bamboo fence repairs that you've been putting off for ages we can get you started right away with much-needed supplies and step-by-step guidance. If you don't have the time, we'll have our people visit you onsite. Again, I would advise you to start with a no-obligation quote before trying them out with your bamboo fence project.

Take a moment to fill out our simple form with check-boxes to mark your needs. We'll get to work right away and call you back within 24 hours. With years of experience in this business and hundreds of projects, we can help you save money, prevent errors of judgment and accommodate your special needs.

Quality Matters!

We truly understand bamboo and strive for durable, high-quality supplies to make your project a lasting success! We know which types and species of bamboo makes for best structural integrity for your project. We understand which species and specifications of bamboo will match your taste and requirements. At Tropical Lifestyle, we specialize in Bamboo and recommend the most suitable bamboo fencing for your type of usage and outdoor conditions.

Leading Supplier of Bamboo Fence: Anywhere in Australia!

Save money with Australia's leading wholesale manufacturer and supplier of bamboo fences, reed fence, bamboo panels and privacy screens in the most exhaustive array of colors, styles, bamboo species and sizes.

Our bamboo fencing deals are so attractive, we have shipped to customers as far as Brisbane, Sydney, Mackay, Cairns, Northern NSW, Tweed, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and even remote areas like Blackwater, Yeppoon, Rockhampton and just about every other area in Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

No matter where in the Australia you're located, chances are, we can beat your nearest bamboo supplier with the best deal for your needs. Our dedicated experts are ready to answer almost any bamboo fencing challenge you can throw their way!

Avoid Beginners' Mistakes

Most home owners fail to fully realize the potential of their outdoor spaces, because they don't have the right know-how. Now you can just pick up the phone and ask for Free instructions on how to plan and install beautiful bamboo fences, bamboo panels, privacy screens and other bamboo decorations (link to form). Make the most of the beautiful outdoors, add value to your home and enjoy the rewards of your bamboo decoration project for years!

Take the first step and fill up our online form, or better yet, call us for free advice and quotes.

1300 788 929

You will learn a great deal about bamboo fencing design and the money you stand to save. Get the edge by having the right advice from the start. Let's Talk!
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